Do you want to make something you can enjoy for a long time to come? Then make a bowl with a balloon and paper. In addition to a balloon and colourful paper scraps, you will also need glue, two paper plates, a paintbrush, scissors and a container in which you can place the balloon while you work on it.

Pour glue into one paper plate and put paper scraps into another paper plate. Then blow up a balloon (be careful not to blow it too full). Nexgt rub the balloon into the glue plate until the lower part is well covered with glue. Then rub it into the plate with the paper scraps until they cover the surface well with glue. Then place the balloon in a container so that it is stable and gradually glue more pieces of paper onto it.

Depending on how solid you want the bowl to be, repeat the process several times. Especially the first layer should be allowed to dry well before you apply the next one. When the bowl is solid enough, you can pop the balloon. Trim the edges of the bowl with scissors.

With this technique you can make very beautiful and unique bowls, which you can of course also decorate.