We need:  A bucket, a piece of cardboard slightly bigger than the opening of the bucket, a towel, a piece of string (1 metre), a whisk and a mask (like a blue surgical mask).  

First, we cut the lid for the bucket out of the cardboard. To do this, we place the bucket on the cardboard and trace the contour. Then we have to draw a second, larger circle all around. It doesn’t have to be perfect or completely round. But it has to be bigger than the bucket so that the cardboard doesn’t fall into the bucket.   

Now we put our towel over it and tie it with our string.  

For the drumstick: We put the stocking over the top of the whisk. To make the drumstick even softer, we can turn the stocking upside down a few times and pull it over the whisk again.  

Then we fix the stocking with a mask. We pull the rubber band around the handle and then once more around the stocking.   

Now everything is ready and we can drum with it!