Making a kazoo A simple instrument, but a cool sound. For a kazoo we need: An empty toilet paper roll, a piece of baking paper (+/- 15 cm x 15 cm), a rubber band, a cutter or scissors and maybe a pencil for sketching. First we need to cut the top of the toilet paper roll. Therefore we can draw a small “V”.

With the cutter we now cut slits where the “V” is and fold the cardboard inwards. The shape of the hole doesn’t matter. You can either drill a hole or cut a small hole with a pair of scissors. Now we take a piece of baking paper and place it over the roll on the side of the hole. Tie the baking paper with the rubber band. You can also pull a little on the ends of the paper to tighten it. Now press the mouth against the open end of the roll and speak or sing into it.

Source: SCRIPT – mimamu