You need:

  • Fir cones
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Empty toilet roll
  • Acrylic paint –
  • Leftover cardboard
  • glue, small branches or toothpicks, string, wooden beads, fabric remnants, wiggle eyes

The pine cones are easy to paint with acrylic paint. For the fir trees, take green paint and paint as many cones as you want to have trees. Paint a toilet paper roll in the same colour. When everything is dry, cut small pieces from the roll to use as a base for the pine cone. For the reindeer, take 3 pieces of pipe cleaners. Put two of them around the cone for the legs and bend them so that the reindeer stands upright. Use the 3rd piece to form the antlers. Cut a small red circle out of cardboard for the nose and stick it and the wiggly eyes on as the face. For the cone man with the beard, take half a circle of cardboard and glue it into a pointed hat. You can make the beard out of artificial snow, put it around the pine cone with a piece of twine and fix it. Attach the wooden beads to the ends of a string and tie them around the cone body as arms and legs. Glue on the eyes and nose as well as the hat, place in a small glass and you’re done. For the skiing cone, cut out two skis from cardboard and attach a piece of toilet paper roll to them, painting it white. Paint the pine cone white too and glue a hazelnut on top of the cone as a head. Now make the arms out of the pipe cleaners that hold the small branches in the front like skis. You can use the rest of the pipe cleaners to make ear warmers, glue on wiggly eyes, wrap the rest of the fabric around the cone as a scarf and glue on wiggly eyes.