The trail passes through meadows and fields between the villages of Waldbillig and Christnach. Bees play an important role in this landscape. Posted throughout the trail are six information boards to help you learn things like how a beehive is organised, pollination, and what bees produce. You will also learn about the role of the beekeeper. 

Practical information for parents: 

  • The bee trail is accessible to pushchairs, although at times it turns into a dirt path. Do be careful when crossing roads. 
  • The starting and finishing point is near the Waldbillig Basic School (Rue de Savelborn). The nearest car park is near the Maison-Relais (40m away). The bus stops near the town hall (400m away). 
  • You can find more details on the ORT Mullerthal website: 
  • You can also contact ORT Mullerthal, by phone or email: Phone: +352 72 04 57,E-mail: