The languages of dance and drawing are at the heart of the creation of Humanimal. Choreographer Bénédicte Mottart uses colours and movement to create his work. The music was composed by Jérôme Magnée.

A child, standing in front of a huge blank page, starts to create a new world using his body and black ink. Progressively, a universe emerges, comprised of forests, clouds, birds, and whales. The performance is without words. The music accompanying the performance was specially composed for Humanimal. The work depicts the place a human being holds in his or her environment: this is a show for children who are eager for adventure.

Humanimal received a special mention from the jury at the Theatre for Young Audiences festival in Huy, Belgium.

Practical information for parents :

  • Who is Humanimal for? Everyone, from age 6 upwards.
  • When is the show? Sunday, 16 May at 4 pm (50 minutes).
  • Where? At the theatre in Esch.

Information and booking at (reservations for tickets must be requested in writing)