One dice is enough for this game. Depending on which number is rolled, you have to do a certain exercise. You can play alone or with others – until you are tired.

You can decide which exercise is linked to which number, but here are a few tips (for children aged 4 to 12). 1: Get down on your knees and jump as high as you can. 2: Do 5 jumping jacks. 3: Jump 10 times on one leg. 4: do 10 squats. 5: do 5 push-ups. 6: touch your toes with your fingertips without bending your knees.

And here are a few tips for the very young: 1: jump as high as a grasshopper. 2: spin around yourself like a propeller. 3: hop like a frog. 4: behave like a gorilla and drum against your chest. 5: jump as far as a kangaroo. 6: crawl like a snake. More sports ideas for at home: aktivdoheem and kannerdoheem.