You will meet Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Pinocchio and the “klenge roude Léiw” (the Little Red Lion), a character in a fairy tale written by the Luxembourg author Mireille Weiten-De Waha. The Little Red Lion is a prince who lives in a castle in the forest that he can never leave alone. He decides to learn to fly so that he can fly wherever he wants. One day, he sneaks out of the castle and goes into the forest where he meets different animals, some are nice to him, others not so nice.  

Speaking of animals in the forest, if you have a telescope or binoculars with you while you are on the fairy tale trail, look carefully and you will also see a fox, a boar and a squirrel. You can play a fun game: Who will spot the animals first? 

Another fun game is: Who tells fairy tales best? Read or watch the tales before going on the fairy tale trail. 

Practical information for parents: 

  • Where to find the fairy tale trail? In Differdange, at the end of Rue Metzkimmert. The first of the fairy tale trail wooden figure can be seen from the car park. 
  • How long is the trail? 1 km long; it is accessible for pushchairs. If you need a rest while on the trail there are benches and a slide.    
  • How long does the visit take? It depends on what you want to do there: just stroll on the trail or would you be interested in doing other activities? 
  • For information on other activities available to the public in Differdange go to