If you want to find out what Helmsange and its surroundings looked like 2000 years ago, follow the Roman path at the foot of the “Sonnebierg” site. There, in the Alzette Valley, once stood a prestigious Roman palace. Archaeological excavations have uncovered foundations and beautiful artefacts from the Roman period. The area must have been densely populated because a deep gallery was built under the Pëtschent Plateau to supply water. The main gallery of the Raschpëtzer qanat is at least 600 metres long and is unique in Europe. Archaeological research has been conducted in the area since the 1960s. Although the vertical shafts of the qanat are closed, it is still possible to look deep down from two of them. The tour is very informative and takes visitors through parts of a nature reserve. 

Practical information for parents:

  • The starting point of the tour is the intersection of Rue Prince Henri with Rue Jean Schaack in Helmsange, not far from the ruins of the Roman villa discovered in 1990. Follow the signs illustrating an ancient Roman head. The tour covers 3.6 km. 
  • Every Sunday, from the 1st of April to the 31st of October, the gallery that was once a qanat is open from 2:30pm to 5.30 pm. Part of the structure of the aqueduct can be seen from the gallery. For guided tours of the entire site, with detailed explanations (in Luxembourgish, French, German, and English), please contact the reception desk of the Walferdange municipal seat or the local Tourist Office. Forms for requesting a guided are found here. The e-mail for the Tourist Office is info@sitwalfer.lu. Guided tours are limited to nine (9) persons.