The Grünewald, located in the centre of Luxembourg, is the largest continuous forest area in the country. It is also home to many historical sites. Did you know, for example, that at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, a grand-ducal hunting lodge stood above Helmsange and that heads of state, their families and their guests reached it through a special carriage way? And that not far from the hunting lodge, six large oak trees stand in memory of Princesses Marie-Adelheid, Charlotte, Hilda, Antonia, Elisabeth and Sophie?

Their photo accompanies us on the “Grünewald Steinsel-Walferdangehistorical tour, on which you can learn a lot while enjoying the nature. For example, you pass an art exhibition in the middle of the forest (near theStafelter“), but also the underground Roman aqueduct (“Raschpëtzer“).  

Further information

  • The historical trail can be taken from Heisdorf or Helmsange, or from theStafelter“, where there is a large car park.   
  • The length of the trail is 7.5 kilometres. This means that you should allow about three hours for the walk
  • A good brochure on the trail can be found here