Hippohaff A Mëchels

The farm “A Mëchels” is located in the idyllic village of Flaxweiler in Luxembourg. It is a farm that serves as a place of learning for children and offers educational activities based on working with horses. The aim is to give children an understanding of agriculture, nature and animals. In addition to the horses and ponies, the farm also has young cattle, cows and calves as well as the goats Susi, Mausi and Heidi, the mini pigs Cookie and Schorch, chickens, Emmi the Border Collie dog and a few rabbits. Six of the horses are trained for horse therapy. There is a comfortable riding hall, an indoor riding arena and a disabled-friendly toilet. A slide, sandpit and swing are located in the garden, right next to the animal enclosure. In the summer, the horses are completely out to pasture, and in the winter they spend four hours a day in large winter paddocks. A wide variety of activities are offered on the farm (see the calendar of activities).

Information for parents and teachers:

  • By reservation, the farm welcomes school classes, nurseries and homes (25-30 participants maximum) on Tuesday mornings and Wednesdays. Disabled people are particularly welcome! For more information, please consult the website under the heading “Calendar of activities”.
  • Next events to book 13/11/2021 17:00 – 19:00 A cool farm experience, from 6 years old
    18/12/2021 17:15 – 18:30 In search of the farm gnome.
  • Contact: Sarah Haas-van Gelder (National coordinator of educational farms) 3 rue Theis L-6925 Flaxweiler.
  • Website: https://www.hippohaff.lu
  • E-mail: sarahvangelder@yahoo.de

Bauerenhaff A Schmatten

For some years now, the A-Schmatten farm has been offering monthly activities for large families and parents with children. Through their own experience, they have discovered how great the contact between children and animals is. On the farm they learn to be responsible and to respect each other. Here they have the opportunity to actively participate and take responsibility for the animals. The animals have to be fed every day, the stalls have to be cleaned and the eggs have to be collected; all children are welcome to help. The A-Schmatten farm offers monthly activities for children from the age of one, and every second Saturday there is the possibility to organise birthday parties. In September and October, school classes and groups of children from 4 years of age can also sign up for the potato harvest.

Information for parents and guardians:

  • Events for different age groups are offered at the farm, which parents with children can sign up for. The activities take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • The farm is open every day from 8am to 5pm. Appointments must always be made in advance, by mail to: christine.hoffmann@a-schmatten.lu
  • You will usually receive a form to fill in and send back by e-mail. You are registered when your registration is confirmed.
  • Contact: A Schmatten Ferme pédagogique 38, rue de Canach L-5368 Schuttrange (+352) 26 35 09 30
  • Website: https://www.a-schmatten.lu
  • E-mail: christine.hoffmann@a-schmatten.lu


Biohaff Witry

Caroline Massard has been running the MUHlti-KUHlti educational farm at Biohof Witry since 2014. Her main job is as a teacher, which allows her to perfectly combine her two passions: Education and organic farming. Her goal is to allow young and old to discover her farm with all their senses. The MUHlti-KUHlti team enjoys welcoming children and families to get to know, discover, experience and learn about animals and the farm together. Why the name MUHlti-KUhlti? Simply because cows are just as different in appearance and character as people. Each one has its strengths, is special in its own way and has the right to be itself on the farm. Biohaff Witry offers activities for small and big children (2-12 years), for young people as well as for adults and elderly people (also from old people’s homes). Currently, school classes, Maisons Relais’en, crèches, old people’s homes or associations can visit the farm. School classes have the possibility to come to the farm on Wednesdays and see the work in progress. Day-care centres and the Maison Relais’en can participate in the farm’s activities during the school holidays, sometimes on afternoons when there is no school, depending on the availability of the “Haffwiichtelecher”. For the owners of the farm, it is important that children and adults alike become aware of where our food comes from and that they have access to nature, animals and the farming profession. The farm can be experienced with all the senses and one can also feel the joy with which you are welcomed to the farm by the farm owners.

More information about the activities

  • School class project: different themes – Children experience the farm – A year with Peter on the farm – Birthday party for children (4-10 years) – Haffzwergen & Haffkiddies
  • There are two groups, the Haffzwerge for children aged 2 to 4 and the Haffkiddies for children aged 5 to 8. For the Haffzwerge and Haffkiddies, parents have the opportunity to register their children for one to six dates.
  • At Biohaff Witry, afternoons are regularly organised where children can, for a few hours, discover and learn about the life of animals and people on the farm. These activities vary according to the season. Cultural events and activities also take place from time to time.
  • Biohaff-Witry an der Saueraarbecht 1 4974 Dippach
    Tel: +352 621 236 007
  • Website: www.biohaff-witry.lu
  • E-mail: caroline.massard@biohaff-witry.lu