Half a century ago, heavy machinery was still digging iron ore out of the ground here around the clock. Today, the “Prënzebierg – Giele Botter” between Differdange and Pétange is a 255-hectare nature reserve (since 1991) that many people use for relaxing walks. In the former open-cast mining areas in the south of the country, special vegetation and wildlife developed after they were closed down. For example, almost 20 different species of orchids thrive here.

You can discover them on the nature discovery trail, which leads 7.7 kilometres through the former mine and the forests around it. Information boards explain how ore was mined here in the past and how nature reclaimed the area.

The geological nature trail is much shorter at 2.5 kilometres. At nine stations, the trail informs visitors about the formation, properties and mining of the Minette strata.

Information for parents

  • You can walk the nature trail from the Pétange side, starting at the car park near the cemetery. Or, from the Differdange side, from Rue Titelberg in Niederkorn.
  • The brochure on the “Prënzebierg – Giele Botter” is available here
  • There are some steep passages on the nature trail. You should also be careful not to walk too close to the edges of the rock faces, because chunks could come loose.
  • Nearby is also the Fond de Gras with its Minett Park, where you can discover the history of the region, and the Titelberg, where a Celtic settlement once stood. Read more here