Mondorf is mainly known for its thermal springs. But the thermal centre also has a wonderful 45-hectare park where you can enjoy relaxing hours.

The park, which has been in existence for around 160 years, offers a great variety of plants. Two main flowering seasons can be enjoyed here: one in spring, when over 70,000 tulips shine in many colours, and one in summer, when the meadows are adorned with beautiful summer flowers. There is also a 15,000 m2 rose garden with more than 250 carefully selected rose varieties.

But there is also plenty to do in the park of the “Domaine Thermal”. At the “Chalet am Brill” you will find a large playground. There is also an “Easy Golf” facility with an 18-hole course that blends harmoniously into the park.

And as soon as the days get sunnier, the Mondorf town tourist association provides rowing boats and pedal boats on the Gander for all leisure captains who want to explore the border river between France and Luxembourg.

Information for parents:  

  • The “Domaine Thermal” in Mondorf can be found here: Avenue des Bains, L5610 Mondorf-les-Bains. There is a large car park right in the neighbourhood.  
  • More information about the park, which incidentally also has an aviation museum and a cinema, as well as other attractions in Mondorf: and