The tunnel of the bats At Huldange, 13 different species of bats live in the tunnel of the former railway line from Aachen to Troisvierges. You can make an educational visit here at any time of the year. A railway line used to run along here, connecting the north of Luxembourg with the German city of Aachen.

In the 1960s, the railway ceased to operate and the line became quiet. It has since been converted into a beautiful cycle path (The Vennbahn Route). Most of the structures along the railway were left to nature. And so it happened that bats also settled in the tunnels along the line. To give visitors an understanding of the special history of this former railway tunnel and its new inhabitants, the “Huldange Bat Tunnel Experience Trail” was established in 2015.

It is located on the Vennbahn cycle path on both sides of the former railway tunnel near the village of Huldange. The adventure trail consists of two identical parts and can be reached from either the Luxembourg or the Belgian side of the Vennbahn cycle path. Information boards, listening stations and interactive multimedia pillars inform visitors on site about Luxembourg’s longest railway tunnel and its bats. Four didactic signs, an audio station and an interactive info station are located on each section. The content is the same on both sides, so it is enough to explore one of the two routes. Walkers can rest on the benches or picnic areas before making their way back. Unfortunately, in order not to disturb the sensitive bats, the tunnel is inaccessible.

More information

  • From Troisvierges railway station, the trail can be reached via the Vennbahn.
  • The bat nature trail is located on both sides of the former railway tunnel of Huldange and consists of two sections: the southern section starts on the Luxembourg side, at the junction of the Vennbahn near the former railway keeper’s cottage and ends at the southern gate of the tunnel. This section is about 900 metres long. The northern section starts at the junction on the Belgian side and ends at the northern gate. This section is about 1,000 metres long.
  • Everything about the Bat Trail and even a live camera broadcast can be found on this website
  • And here is the website about the Vennbahn cycle path.