The practice of mindfulness or mindfulness meditation is finding more and more followers and is also proving its worth in schools. By practising mindfulness meditation, students become more empathetic, more able to perceive, interpret and control their emotions.

They regain a certain socio-emotional balance, develop more harmonious interactions with their classmates and concentrate more easily. This is a finding of the Centre for Socio-Emotional Development (CDSE), a centre of competence for specialised psycho-education that supports children and young people with special needs in the socio-emotional field.

The CDSE therefore had the idea of creating a mindfulness trail in the park surrounding its headquarters in Munsbach Castle, with nine stations, each of which invites you to experience a moment of mindfulness.

Further information for those interested

  • Anyone can visit the park of the Château de Munsbach alone, with their family or in a group and discover the trail at their own pace and in their own way.
  • Information panels with QR codes leading to digital audio files, all in four languages (Lëtzebuergesch, French, German, English), guide the visitor from one stage to the next, for a stroll that can last 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Visually impaired visitors can find their way around the museum independently thanks to an adapted audio guide (currently in Lëtzebuergesch only).
  • The tour is also accessible to people with reduced mobility.
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