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Dear children, dear parents,

This website was born during the Covid-19 pandemic, which ruled our lives for a long time, with many restrictions that severely limited our contact with our families and friends.

But even within the health rules of the time, it was possible to do great things together as a family, outside or at home: going out in nature, playing together, experiencing and discovering things, exercising together. These are all things that many of our children have missed in recent months. 

Taking time for the children, “Kannerzäit”, is an important and valuable investment in their and our well-being. In the hours we spend together, we can give them back a bit of normality, even a bit of childhood. 

This website offers you a selection of ideas for “Kannerzäit” activities. At home, in your neighbourhood, but also in other parts of the country. New suggestions are added every week. Often it doesn’t take much to have a good time together and this page should inspire you. 

I hope you enjoy “Kannerzä” and have a good time with your children. 

Claude Meisch 

Minister for Education, Children and Youth