Those who want to swing on ropes like Tarzan, like to tinker with techniques for overcoming routes and practice climbing as a sport, explore the team spirit of their team in a team-building exercise or simply want to have recreational fun with the family will find a number of adventure parks, climbing gyms and high ropes courses in Luxembourg. There are climbing activities for all ages, but be careful: For safety reasons, climbing should always be accompanied by experienced instructors or by people who are skilled in belaying.

Outdoor climbing Berdorf: Attention, for professionals only

You can climb in the open air on the rock faces of the Wanterbach in Berdorf. However, climbing is reserved for members of a climbing association, which in turn must be a member of one of the two international climbing associations UIAA or IFSC. Address: Wanterbaach, L-6552 Berdorf, Tel: +352 79 05 45,

Parc Le’h Adventures Dudelange: Fun in the treetops

The climbing park is located in the Parc Le’h park in Dudelange and consists of over 100 different ateliers spread over 7 routes (maximum height 17m) with nets, suspension bridges, surf, rope slides, Tarzan, monkeytrees, a bambini route and a teambuilding route. Whether toddlers (from +/- 2 years), adults or seniors, there is something for everyone, whether fun, fitness, in a group, bachelor party, birthday, family or company party.

Opening hours: During the summer holidays: daily from 10.00 – 19.00. Opening hours can be found online here. Entrance fees: Children 1-4 years: 14 euros (2 hours), children 5-8 years: 15 euros (2 hours), children 9-12 years: 20 euros (2 hours), teenagers 13-17 years: 21 euros (2 hours). Adults (18 years and older): 23 euros (2 hours). Groups: On request, groups of 8 or more can register via the website. For smaller groups or individuals, registration is not required.

Address: 203, rue du Parc, L-3542 Dudelange, Tel.: +352 621 669 112, E-mail:,

Steinfort Adventure: High up in the West

“Steinfort Adventure” is located in a natural setting, in the middle of a forest just behind the commune’s tennis courts. Here you can experience action in nature, but also ecotourism with environmental awareness. Climbing in the treetops requires courage and concentration – depending on how advanced the climbers are, there are ten different routes with varying degrees of difficulty.

Even four-year-old climbers can join in on the monkey and tiger routes. But the park also invites you to explore the forest ecosystem and makes you want to go for walks and picnics. Steinfort Adventure offers more than 91 workshops spread over 10 courses with varying degrees of difficulty. Each course consists of workshops suspended at height (zip line, monkey bridge, Nepalese bridge, … ).

The routes are connected by platforms and cables integrated into the landscape, which allow one to move from platform to platform in safety thanks to special equipment. The sporting courses are accessible to people of all ages. The difficulty levels of the different climbing courses can be easy and low for children and the cautious, or very high in the air with greater difficulties for athletes seeking thrills.

For the youngest, Steinfort Adventure offers the Little Wolf course. Without equipment (harness) and close to the ground, this course is accessible free of charge for children from 2 years old. For safety, everyone has to go through the introductory briefing course.

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays: 10.00 – 18.00. Fridays during the summer holidays (until 15 September) 13.00-21.00. Closed on Mondays. Reservations are compulsory: for reasons of timing, duration of the briefing, smooth running of the park and, above all, for safety reasons. Reservations: can be made by phone (Tuesdays to Sundays between 10.00 and 18.00) or via the contact form (online).

Please note that Mondays are closing days (park staff do not answer calls or emails). Please note: the climbing routes/parcours close one hour before the park closes. Entrance fees by age category: 4-6 years: 5 euros, 7-9 years: 14 euros, 10-15 years: 17 euros, 16 years and older: 19 euros. Address: Rue du Schwarzenhof, L-8452 Steinfort, Tel: +352 27 39 53 00, Email:, Web: