For the frog hand puppet you need the following: a paper plate, some coloured sheets (preferably thicker paper and preferably pink, red and green), pencil, scissors, (nice strong) glue, egg carton, paper handkerchiefs, stapler and paints (acrylic or watercolours) to paint. First, place the paper plate on the pink paper and draw a circle around the plate. Then cut a round part out of the paper. 

Then fold the paper plate and cut it along the fold line. Then cut a tongue out of the red paper. Glue the tongue onto the round pink part and fold it in the middle. Then glue the two halves of the paper plate to the back. So that you have room for your fingers later, press a few paper handkerchiefs into the gaps between the paper plate halves and the round mouth part. Now paint or glue the paper plate halves. Now cut out two cups from the egg carton (these will be the eyes).

Paint the cups with the colour of your choice. When they are dry, glue a few green pieces of cardboard on top (these will be the eyebrows). Don’t forget to paint on the eyes. You don’t really need egg carton for the eyes, you can just cut them out of paper. Use a stapler to attach the eyes to the frog’s mouth. Attach them where the slits for the fingers are. The frog hand puppet is ready, and of course you can decorate it even more beautifully. It will be perfect if you put a green stocking over your hand. Then the frog gets a neck of the same colour.