In Koerich, at the “Fockemillen” on the road towards Septfontaines, there has been a house for over 110 years that is actually not a house: namely, it houses a waterworks of the Syndicat des Eaux du Sud, where water from the sources of the Eisch valley converges and is distributed to 22 municipalities in the south of the country. The pumping station at the “Fockemillen” can be visited, but also the large water reservoir on the “Rébierg” near Hivange. If you want to know how the water from the spring gets into the tap, you can find out all about it here!  

Information for parents:

  • The complete visit of the facilities (Fockemillen waterworks & Rébierg reservoir) takes about 2 hours 30. Visits to springs are not possible at the moment.
  • More information and registration here.